Writing copy for your website

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It is better and more beneficial to keep the content brief and to the point. However, when your target users are highly educated, they may be more likely to catch mistakes in your writing, and they may be more critical. Here are some ways to make your web copy, and thus your website and brand, interesting for your target audience: An IT specialist in our study left a site that contained outdated content and no easy way to filter by current information.

The kind of tone you use when writing web copy for a fashion and modeling site is not the same tone you use in a hospital site. If you need help, check out Reviews of free and cheap website development resources for free tutorials and reference guides.

Take a look at the Crazy Egg homepage. Make your web-copy scan-friendly. Read more Repairing broken links of a WordPress installation To repair broken links after moving your WordPress website, after a domain change, or if you want to use a local copy for testing purposes.

Everybody needs a reality check, myself included. They use summaries and subheadings to help them find the information they want and decide when to read more closely. You can find out how to do this in this article. A glance at the main entry page reveals this as a first sentence: Open my sample website by clicking here.

Copywriting agencies combine copywriting with a range of editorial and associated services that may include positioning and messaging consulting, social media, search engine optimizationdevelopmental editing, copy editingproofreadingfact checkinglayout and design.

For example, we disable the theme and plugin editors. Two types of information particularly attract their attention: After Unbounce grabs your attention with benefits that solve your problems, they explain how with features.

You now have the essential content for a basic but fully functional six-page website that can be indexed meaningfully by search engines. This article explains how you can reactivate the Theme and Plugin Editor afterwards. Your themes, plugins, posts, comments, categories and keywords will be fully adopted.

An oceanographic researcher with a Ph. To help I want to share a helpful article on writing for your website by my friend and Small Business Marketing maven, Stacy Karacostas:. Whether you’ve invested time and energy into writing your own content or hired a professional copywriter, finding your copy on someone else’s site is clientesporclics.com are people who believe that if it’s on the Internet, it is fair game.

Jan 23,  · As you work on writing your own web copy, I hope these five tips will help you stay focused and write copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients’ needs.

Sharon Martin, LCSW is a psychotherapist, blogger, and coach in San Jose, CA. He is an excellent team member to work with, whatever your writing needs might be. This specifically was for a website project, requiring a refresh and improvement of the copy.

Writing copy for your website is way different in its style and structure then any other media that you write or read. The reason for this difference is because people who go on the web have a very short attention span, which is why a poorly written copy will have a potential client click onto another website instead of staying on your website.

CBT Automotive Network is a highly targeted, multi-media platform for retail automotive professionals.


With digital channels including a daily newscast, informative website, daily eNewsletters, a monthly magazine, webinars and 9 network shows hosted by the industry’s top trainers and thought leaders.

8. Summary: These tips for writing web content for specialized audiences will help you sound authoritative and bolster your credibility. Professionals want content that is easy to scan, factual, and verifiable. Clients sometimes ask whether traditional web-writing guidelines apply to specialized, highly educated audiences.

We conducted a usability study to answer this question.

Writing copy for your website
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