The issue of school bus accidents

In one of the deadliest accidents to occur in recent years, a bus collided with two dump trucks on an Indiana highway.

In both incidents emergency services were called, all students were evaluated, and no significant injuries were reported. Bus drivers must be able to pass vision tests.

School districts often carry auto insurance policies with specific provisions for their bus drivers. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, we know buses are not necessarily safer than cars.


A major barrier to seat belts in school buses, after all, is funding. More recently, the Houston Independent School District announced all its new buses will be equipped with lap and shoulder belts after a crash last fall claimed the lives of two high school students. Factors involved in increasing severity of crashes included: Federal regulations require drivers to have normal use of their arms and legs.

Of critical importance, though — the school district must insist on the belts being used and the bus driver must be on-board with belt use.

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News October 10, Two vehicles collided on the road, causing one to veer onto the sidewalk and into the group of students, police say. All fifty states require drivers to stop when a school bus has its stop sign arm deployed to let children on and off.

That figure translates to more than bus accidents daily. The district said there were no injuries and the parents of all the students involved had been contacted. The qualifications for getting one vary by state but generally include passing both knowledge and driving tests.

School Bus Safety

For a free and confidential consultation, contact today. These figures include pedestrians and people in other motor vehicles, but those individuals simply cannot be discounted when talking about the risk these large vehicles pose.

Study Finds Other Drivers Cause Most School Bus Accidents in New York

What Can I Do. What they discovered was on average, 50 passengers are killed annually and inter-city buses are nearly twice as likely to be involved in an accident. Some new bus drivers can earn their CDL during on-the-job training. Currently, California is the only state with a law, implemented in andthat requires lap and shoulder belts on all newly-manufactured buses.

Drivers can get endorsements for a CDL that reflect their ability to drive a special type of vehicle. All bus drivers must have a passenger P endorsement, and school bus drivers must also have a school bus S endorsement. Most bus drivers are required to undergo background checks before they are hired.

Earlier this week, three separate accidents involving Houston-area school buses were reported.

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The first accident occurred on Monday when an Alvin ISD school bus rear-ended a vehicle stopped at a red light at the intersection of State Highway 6 and County Road 99.

Aug 28,  · Taking a bus to school is the safest way to go, statistics show. But accidents sometimes happen, and children may face other hazards on a bus.

A private Houston school bus struck a tree Tuesday en route to Revere Middle School, injuring 20 people. There were 28 people aboard the bus when it veered off the road, mostly students headed to their second day of school. But most school children killed in school-bus related accidents during the past 10 years were killed by the bus, not by a passing motorist.

“The risk of a school child getting hit by a passing. Parents, school district workers, and bus drivers have tirelessly complained about the fact that many cars continue to break this rule, but they are rarely ever heard. That is why some members of these communities have decided to take the lead in solving this issue.

School Bus Accident

Feb 23,  · Still, an extremely low number of students die in school bus accidents. A review of the most recent federal data indicates that an average of just five school .

The issue of school bus accidents
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States Seek More Secure Seat Belt Laws for School Buses