Pete the cat rocking in my school shoes writing activity

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Nancy Einstein talks about itching. You can use time-sequence words first, next, then or last or you can use the number cards. Countilocks — Countilocks likes to count bears.

The Itch -- Dr. Readers, one of my all time favorite purchases is this shopping bag from Bangladesh. Then we pull out our map and find where she is and we listen as someone reads it aloud. Cookie Monster's Sorting Song -- Cookie plays a game with cookies.

73 Cool Pete the Cat Freebies and Teaching Resources

Dinner Party Gorillas — One of these guests is not like the others. If you enjoy Pete the Cat books as much as we do, then surely you will find something in this collection you can use in your classroom to go along with some of the books you read.

Story Twiggles Story Time: For each subject, the transcript of what was said on each subject can be found by going to the history page hereand finding the relevant episode.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity - Inscription on the back in German: Teacher inserts the name of student in the chant. Teachers looks at Pete the Cat as if giving him directions. Ernie's Disguises — Ernie tries to fool Bert with disguises.

Story Time: Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

Play continues until all names have been read. Ernie's Love Boat — Ernie expresses his love for a boat.

Anything Muppets Billy Crystal: Schools are prepared to meet the needs of individual students, regardless of their current ability. The Wheels on the Bus This book will make a great movement break in your classroom. Shop all the beauty and goodness here. David Cheers Up Olivia — "It feels good when you sing a song.

Here is a list of our favorites. Caribbean Collage -- A paper collage becomes Puerto Rico.

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Jul 09,  · First Day Pete the Cat Tour I am super excited to read Pete the Cat's new book Rocking in My School Shoes the first day of school. For the past 10 years I've read the Kissing Hand and then we do a tour of the school looking for Chester. This year we are doing a tour of the school while looking for Pete!

writing (7) You Tube (2)Author: Inspired by Kindergarten. Editorial Reviews. An imperturbable blue cat walks along and sings his song regardless of what he steps the Cat loves his white Chucks so much that he sings a repetitive ditty: "I love my white shoes, / I love my white shoes, / I love my white shoes.".

Get rocking in your school shoes with this packet.

73 Cool Pete the Cat Freebies and Teaching Resources

Read "Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes" and use this packet for extra learning fun to go along with the book. The following is an archival list of the videos that were available on the Sesame Street Video Player sometime between and This list is comprised of those that were labeled as "classic" segments (before the 25th season).

— Classic videos are given this label. Use these backpacks to help prepare preschoolers and kindergartens for school, send home information about school on the first day of school, store new vocabulary words or spelling words, or as toys for children to pretend play school.

Pete the Cat: Book Connection Activity By Karen Cox 10 Comments | Affiliate Disclosure Like most Pre-K kids, my class loves a certain book about a cat and his colorful shoes.

Back to School with Pete the Cat Pete the cat rocking in my school shoes writing activity
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